Art and Essay Contests

2017 Winners

Middle School Art Winner – Jordyn Schubert, Hinton Middle School


High School Art Winner Brianna Martinez, Heelan High School


Middle School Essay Winner Angelia Sur, South Sioux City Middle School


“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”

This quote from Alexander Hamilton, the first treasurer and a founding father, helped set a precedent for generations after him.

How do we set our own precedent? How do we form the world into a state of utopia? The answer is simple, it starts with us. In every word we scream and song we sing, the future is structuring beneath our feet. Our decisions are the glue to hold or collapse. Fate is the looming shadow behind us, mimicking our every action.

I want a world where people can be comfortable in their own skin. Where no one is scared for what they believe, their ethnicity, who they love, or who they are. To progress and evolve, we must remember one thing, equity is key.

To combine strength with another rather than weaken them holds greater power in our hands. If we stand as one, the world pulses as one. Our country shames an immigrant for having a job when they’ve worked so much harder than us to have it. They tell a man he can’t qualify for a job that he loves. We let society’s stereotypes lock us not break us free. I will unfurl my fists and wrap them around a sign of protest. I will use my voice to chant the voices of our people instead of curse at them. I will crush discrimination into dust at the soles of my shoes. I’d die like a martyr so that the people after me live in a safer environment than in the violence that corrupt our nation. The future is in our hands to smash or hold.

High School Essay Winner Ivan Redhorn, Winnebago Public School

You Are the Future
It’s not the FUTURE that you’re afraid of,
It’s repeating the past.
The past has nothing new for you.
If you want a little hint of your future, look at some of the people you hang out with.
Do something today that your future self would be proud of.
Help family and friends.
Be a better person for your future so you can look back and see that you did good.
So DON’T let the past get you.
Learn from it.
Learn to change–to show people how to change to make this world a little bit better.
People say it’s a cruel world but one good heart is plenty..



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